Richard Gere took his father to his hometown restaurant for his 100th birthday – He named his son after him

Richard Gere is probably one of the most popular Hollywood stars in the world, but he comes from an ordinary background. Coming from a modest and large family, the actor spent his childhood on a farm in Syracuse, New York.

His mother, Doris, was raised in Brooklyn, the city where she met her husband, Homer Gere. In 1945, the childhood sweethearts married and moved to North Syracuse to start a family, consisting of their five children.

Despite the difficulties of life, they managed to instill very good moral values in their five children (Richard, Susan, Joanne, David and Laura).

In addition, Doris (a housewife) and Homer (an insurance salesman) didn’t have much money, but they struggled to give their children the best education possible.

Richard refers to his parents as real-life superheroes because they gave him the means to stimulate his creativity.

According to the actor, his parents have always accepted his choices; they have recruited specialists who have improved their children’s skills. He admitted:

“We weren’t raised with a lot of money, and the effort it took to get an education and music teachers was an amazing thing.”

Richard admires his father

Although he wasn’t born with a golden spoon, Richard appreciates his parents’ efforts. While reminiscing about his childhood, during honors at the 2019 City Harvest Festival Gala on Tuesday, the actor paid tribute to his father for being a good and fair man. He is proud to have inherited his qualities.

Richard explained that Homer could not stand to see anyone suffer. He said that his father did not hesitate to help others.


The famous actor added that his father started a Meals-On-Wheels in his hometown, to which he devoted his entire life.

He explained that Homer preferred a “cheeseball car, because the trunk was at the right height for him to take meals to give to his neighbors, so he didn’t have to bend over.”

Meals-On-Wheels America is a non-profit organization that supports thousands of people through various programs across the country. The first of its kind was founded in the 1950s in Philadelphia.

This association covers many volunteer actions including nutritious food delivery, friendly visits and security checks for American seniors. All of these activities are aimed at giving them a better life.

While having a heart-to-heart talk with his elderly father, Richard asked him what inspired him to become a Meals-On-Wheels volunteer. Homer replied:

“There was an abandoned house of sorts, that’s where we started with Meals on Wheels. We kind of cater to the needs of the elderly. When you can feel that someone else is benefiting from your life in some way, you can’t help but feel good, I think.”

Richard revealed that it was his father’s positive influence that prompted him to join this association. Homer set an excellent example for his son, who also aspired to be a good father. However, the actor did not become a father until he was in his fifties.

Richard’s journey to fatherhood

Richard’s first marriage, to model Cindy Crawford, was short-lived. His second love affair was with former James Bond actress Carey Lowell, twelve years his junior.

Becoming a father at this age was never an issue for Richard, because for him, better late than never. His relationship with Carel, which began in 1996, was under the sign of discretion until their marriage.

The “Unfaithful” star opened up about their relationship, explaining that they were ready to take the next step. Although Lowell already had a daughter from a previous marriage, it didn’t matter to Richard. He said:

“She changed my life. And marriage has meaning if you do it from the heart. It’s a milestone for both of us.”

The couple had a son, Homer Gere II, who was born before their marriage. The actor tasted the joys of fatherhood at age 50, and he named his first son after his father. Richard was ecstatic after the long-awaited birth of his son.

Speaking about his child, the actor mentioned this:

“he is the joy of my life. He has many qualities: he loves music, he runs fast, he is very smart and he is very funny. He quickly learned irony, an indispensable quality for any human being”.

Richard never got tired of being a dad, but his marriage to Lowell began to falter after more than a decade. In 2012, the former James Bond girl filed for divorce, citing their lifestyle difference as the main reason.

According to various sources, Richard wanted privacy and serenity while his second wife preferred to party. One internet user revealed:

“They have a house in Bedford, and he likes it there because it’s quiet and he likes solitude. She prefers to be in North Haven in the spotlight.”

The couple filed for joint custody of their son, but the details of the divorce turned into a real battle. It took four years of court proceedings before they finally reached an agreement.

Attorneys for both parties declined to provide details of the agreement. Despite the divorce, Richard remained committed to his role as a father.

In 2015, he explained that his son remains his priority and that he cannot start a project without his approval. For him, “family is more important than anything.”

Before this confidence, Richard had already found love again, this time in the arms of a Spanish activist, Alejandra Silva.

In 2019, the actor welcomed his second child, Alexander. The following year, his third child (a boy) was born.

Richard is still an adorable son

Despite the different stages he has gone through in his life, including marriages and fatherhood, as well as dedication to his family, Richard remains grateful to his father, Homer.

Over the years, he considered him an “idol”. In 2010, the movie legend said:

“He’s always been my hero.”

Homer continues to show his passion for helping people, despite his age. His wife, Doris, passed away at age 91 in North Syracuse. Loneliness never stopped him from doing what he loves: helping others.

Richard was the son many parents wish they had. He stayed close to his father, helping and supporting him in any way he could.

In May, Homer turned 100, and the actor hosted an intimate birthday dinner at a Pasta restaurant in their hometown.

The duo spent the evening with others who seemed thrilled to attend such an event with the meals-on-wheels volunteer. The bond between Richard and his father, proves how much the actor respects the sacrifices and commitment of seniors.

Like his 100-year-old father, Richard is sure to pass on the same love to his offspring; to him, there is nothing more important than family.

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