Sad, tired, angry: How Ben Affleck has been the hero of sadness memes for the past six years

On August 15, Hollywood actor Ben Affleck turned 51 years old. The favorite of millions and two-time Oscar winner is remembered, first of all, for his solid experience in the industry. Ben gave us many interesting movie characters. Also, many know Affleck thanks to his turbulent and intense personal life, which has been covered with rumors until recently. Well, and the generation of zoomers Ben is familiar with… memes. You heard right — the sought-after actor and imposing man has become the hero of unfortunate photos more than once and not twice in the last few years.

We decided to congratulate Ben in an unusual way: we will not remember about his successes on the movie stage and his love story with J. Lo. We’ll just show you the funniest photos of Affleck that the Internet has ever seen.


It all started with a fateful photo dating back to 2016. On that day, poor Ben went out for a smoke. By the way, it was his 44th birthday. Newspapers then began to build article after article, the headlines of which read: «Ben Affleck sadly smokes and thinks about the frailty of existence».

A couple months later, Affleck was caught visiting a doctor. Tired, disheveled and tortured, he was walking humbly into a private clinic. One would think that you go to the doctor in full marathon!

By winter, Ben managed to cut his hair, which could not help but please his fans. However, Affleck’s deep and pensive face was alarming. With this mood he left the church service.

The following photo was the catalyst for a separate category of Affleck memes, which fans called «sleeping Ben.» Here he is yawning heartily, leaving JFK airport after a long flight. It’s understandable, because flying from London to New York is very energy-consuming.

As you may have realized by now, 90% of the following photos will show Ben yawning and with his eyes closed. Insomnia crept up on him unnoticed. In the photo below, for example, Ben was picking up his daughter from school.

The next photo was titled «I can barely contain myself from screaming». This is where Affleck stepped out for coffee and a smoke break. Sound familiar before work?

The end of 2020 was a rough one for Affleck. He had just broken up with Ana De Armas, which made him stay at home all the time and only went out to pick up deliveries from Dunkin’ Donuts. The photo below, by the way, was taken on December 31. «Happy New Year, you fucking reporters!» — Ben shouted to the unhappy paparazzi waiting for him at the gate.

Many believed that the reason for these memes was alcohol and depression, in which Affleck drowned in recent years. However, this is not true: after getting together with J. Lo, Ben continued to make the public laugh. Even during the honeymoon, the actor managed to fall asleep on the yacht. Well, just a real grandfather in the body of a 50-year-old!

By the way, many fear that Ben Affleck «infected» J. Lo with his talent for posing. During a joint vacation, the couple time and again caught with dissatisfied faces. As they say, husband and wife — one … and, however, it does not matter.

In March 2016, an interview of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill was published, timed to coincide with the release of the movie «Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice». When the journalist asked how the actors reacted to the negative reviews of critics, Cavill began to speak, and Affleck at this point was silent and looked lost.

At the same time, youtuber Sabconth edited a video «Sad Affleck», where the headlines from the reviews appear on the screen, and then the song «The Sound of Silence» begins to play, and the camera slowly approaches the upset actor.


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