Sharon Stone, 65, has once again made it clear that age doesn’t mean anything

One of the star’s secrets is that she has a terrific sense of style and knows exactly how to accentuate her natural beauty. Stone does not overuse revealing outfits, ultramini or necklines and slits on all possible places. But her outfits can’t be called boring either. Sharon enjoys wearing bright colors and trying on the latest trends.

Stone is not afraid to experiment with images and even wear too candid. After all, the actress is sure she has the right to wear whatever she wants. And this is in spite of her age.

Proof of this was the appearance of the «Basic Instinct» star in the program «The Very Late Show with James Corden». The actress appeared in the studio in a lush scarlet dress with an open cleavage zone and a large flower on the chest. Sharon literally ran out into the audience with a dazzling smile and wavy hairstyle.

Hollywood beauty looked so stunning that fans simply could not resist her appearance. Many noted that the actress looks so that it is simply impossible to take their eyes off of her.

«I can’t believe she’s in her seventies», «What a beautiful and sexy she is», «Sharon looks stunning in that dress», «I can’t take my eyes off her look», «Very elegant and seductive», «Sharon breaks all stereotypes about age», — said internet users.

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