She gets the best of her father: Tom Cruise’s only daughter is growing up in unreal beauty

Tom Cruise became a father in 2006. At that time, his wife, actress Katie Holmes, gave birth to a daughter named Suri. Unfortunately, the family romance didn’t last long. Wife and daughter did not share the actor’s Scientology ideology. He therefore decided to break off all relations with them.

Since the divorce, Tom Cruise has never communicated with his daughter. The young girl lives with her mother in New York. She doesn’t like advertising.


Suri is passionate about fashion and design. The young girl is already thinking about her choice of university. Suri wants to study in New York. Suri is now 17. Tom Cruise’s daughter leads an ordinary teenage life. As a result, the paparazzi often catch her out on the town. Suri’s photos are very popular.

And no wonder, for Suri grew up with genuine beauty. The young girl looks a lot like her mother, yet she has inherited some of her father’s most beautiful features. It’s not for nothing that Tom Cruise is considered a symbol of seduction in Hollywood. Here, too, the girl boasts a spectacular appearance.

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