Snow White: Paparazzi show Campbell walking with the daughter she gave birth to at the age of 50

Naomi Campbell, 53, can’t get enough of her heiress daughter, whom she gave birth to at the age of 50. And yes, there’s no typo. Indeed, Naomi has repeatedly claimed that she carried and gave birth to her own heiress.

«She’s my daughter,» insists the offended model.

Paparazzi recently managed to capture the overjoyed mom out for a stroll with her daughter.

«Gave birth at 50? How is that even possible?», «And was the little girl carried by a surrogate? Why is she deceiving her fans?», «The main thing is that her dream came true», «Naomi can’t be this girl’s mother. The baby is white as snow.»,

«What an adorable little girl», «Bless her», «What a pretty baby», «Pretty young girls», «Why is she white? Something doesn’t add up,» I read under photos of Naomi Campbell with her eldest daughter.

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