These wives of celebrities look completely inappropriate for the status

The rich and famous men are surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world, it’s a common thing. It is unusual to see them accompanied by women of, shall we say, ordinary appearance. It is clear that everyone has his own idea of beauty and in general it is not the most important — well, we’re not judging anyone. Let’s, to avoid unnecessary controversy, let’s label this selection as a collection of informal celebrity wives.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

The youngest billionaire on the planet is married to a classmate he met in 2004. They say she was one of the few people who supported Mark when he first started working on Facebook. They had been together for about nine years before getting married.

According to Mark, Priscilla attracted him first of all by her simplicity and openness. Like the young owner of a fabulous fortune, the girl is completely indifferent to expensive things and the popularity that has fallen on her.

Hugh Laurie and Joe Green

Hugh, who has been recognized as the sexiest doctor in the history of cinema, happily married to theater administrator Joe. They met in the mid-80s.

«We were friends for several years, and then suddenly found that we meet,» says the actor. «What attracted me to her? I like a woman with good logical thinking.»

They got married in the summer of 1989. Since then, the couple have had three children.

«Over the years, our marriage is getting stronger,» says 57-year-old Hugh. «Twenty-seven years is a long time, especially these days when families break up within a year of getting married.»

Pierce Brosnan and Keeley Shay Smith

The Irish-born 007 agent once dated Halle Berry and Denise Richards, but took an unremarkable journalist down the aisle. They had been dating for over seven years before getting married in 2001. At that point, the couple had a son, and soon there was a second.

Now the couple are enjoying each other in a gorgeous home on the Pacific Ocean and ignoring snide comments about Keeley’s figure.

«She’s one in a million,» Pierce said confidently. «I’m glad I found her.»

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Handsome Hugh could probably get any woman on the planet if he wanted to, but for more than 20 years his heart belongs to Deborra-Lee, who is 13 years older than him. In the early ’90s, when they met, she was quite a sought-after actress, and Hugh was hardly known to anyone.

«I won’t hide it, the age difference does matter. However, Hugh has always been much more mature than me, so we balance each other out. Well, of course, I have more life experience. And even though there is a serious flaw in our life — the crowds of fans and paparazzi follow us everywhere — I have never once regretted marrying Hugh,» says Deborra-Lee.

Josh Holloway and Yessica Kumala

The star of the series «Staying Alive» has been married to a native of Indonesia for a long time, since 2004. Josh can be rightfully called a model family man. He doesn’t dote on Yessica, and in spite of his busy schedule, devotes a lot of time to his daughter and little son.

«Yes, women like me, and I like them, it would be silly not to admit it,» the actor is frank. «But my wife believes me and knows that I never allow myself anything more than light flirting and plain fooling around.»

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