Victims of beauty: models and actors who died because of the plastic surgery craze

Many people, and stars among them, in pursuit of beauty are ready to spend not only a lot of money, but also to sacrifice their health. No one assumes that the next plastic surgery can end up miserably and cause death.

Here and the heroes of this selection, wanting to become the owners of ideal bodies and appearance, said goodbye to their lives. But almost all of them were very young, full of energy and dreamed of success.

Sainte von Colucci

The Canadian actor came to South Korea a few years ago, hoping to get into show business and succeed. Sainte was fond of the culture of this country and wanted to become as popular as many Korean stars. However, the guy realized that with a European appearance to get to Olympus will not be able to get.

Then he decided to do a number of plastic surgeries to be like his idol Chimin, the lead singer of the popular worldwide popular group BTS. Just in the past year, the actor has made a facelift, eyelids, eyebrows, reduced the lips and conducted several other small operations.

In November 2022, Sainte had implants inserted in his jaw but later had to have them removed. After the surgery, the guy suffered complications and developed an infection. As a result, he passed away in the hospital on April 23, 2023. It is known that the actor made more than ten plastic surgeries, on which he spent 220 thousand dollars.


Christina Ashton Gourkani

Christina was a model and star of OnlyFans. She gained popularity due to the fact that she was very similar to the reality TV star Kim Kardashian. However, this resemblance was not given to her by nature, but by plastic surgeons.

Gourkani was simply obsessed with the idea of becoming an exact copy of the star. She constantly improved her appearance, wanting to be like Kim. By the way, she succeeded, but what cost all these surgical interventions.

The other day it became known that during one of the operations Christina had a heart attack. Unfortunately, the doctors could not save her.

Jocelyn Cano

The Mexican model also imitated Kim Kardashian. However, she owed her forms not only to plastic, but also to sports. It is known that the girl worked as a fitness trainer.

However, physical activity alone was apparently not enough for Jocelyn, as she also went to plastic surgeons more than once. Last time the model wanted to increase her buttocks, but the operation was fatal — during the procedure Kano died. She was only 30 years old.

Caterina Cando

In 2014, Katerina won the Reina de Duran beauty pageant in Ecuador. As a prize, she received not only a crown, but also a car, a tablet and, most surprisingly, a certificate for plastic surgery.

The 19-year-old model initially refused plastic surgery, claiming that she herself can get rid of extra pounds with the help of sports and diets. However, the jury members and the plastic surgeon insisted that Cando should have plastic surgery.

They even called the girl’s parents and tried to convince them that the operation was necessary for Caterina’s future career. In the end, she gave up and went under the surgeon’s knife. But only to become the owner of a luxurious figure Cando could not — she died on the operating table.

The girl had brain edema, which, as experts later found out, was the fault of the doctors. Caterina’s family sued the clinic, and friends regretted that they had not talked Cando out of this venture.

«Caterina would have been better off with her original butt, but at least she would have been able to make us happy with her amazing smile,» her friend said.

Pete Burns

The British musician became interested in plastic surgery after he decided to fix his broken nose. He liked the result so much that he wanted to continue transforming himself. Burns found it hard to stop, which soon caused him to simply stop looking like a human being.

Later, Pete admitted that in vain made so many operations, literally turning himself into a character in a horror movie. For example, after unsuccessful lip augmentation, the doctor advised to remove them altogether. Because of this, Burns could not eat and chew and only ate through a straw.

In addition, with many subsequent surgeries he tried to correct previous mistakes. As a result, the musician underwent 300 surgical interventions. After another surgery, he had a heart attack. Pete Burns died at the age of 57.

Pamela Nismento

The Brazilian model was also keen on liposuction, which she had already done several times. So when the Brazilian decided to have a third operation, she was not at all worried that something might go wrong.

However, during surgery, her circulating blood volume dropped dramatically and she went into hypovolemic shock. Nismento’s heart stopped. Doctors were unable to save her. The girl was 27 years old.

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