What one of the world’s richest and most famous models keeps quiet about: Muslim beauty Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid does not go off the covers of prestigious fashion magazines. One of the richest and most popular models in the world tirelessly takes part in the shows of the world’s brands, is friends with celebrities and is considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Bella is proud of the fact that she is a Muslim. Her religion does not prevent her from shining on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk.

The most famous designers simply cannot imagine their show without Hadid. She won the title of «Model of the Year» twice in a row. But in her biography is not all so rosy as it seems. What is Bella hiding?

Isabella Khairia «Bella» Hadid was born on October 9, 1996 in Washington, DC. The father of the future top model was the real estate magnate, Mohamed Hadid, and the mother was the famous former model, Yolanda Hadid. Mohamed was from Palestine and Yolanda was Dutch. In addition to Bella, the couple has two other children: older sister Gigi and younger brother Anwar. There are also two older sisters by their father from his first marriage. The supermodel’s parents have long been divorced.

Bella and her brother and sister grew up on a luxury ranch in Santa Barbara, California. When she was a little girl, she became interested in equestrian sports. Her dream was to compete in the Olympics. Everything was ruined by chronic Lyme disease, which she inherited from her mother. This disease deprived the girl of her dreams and is still the most painful topic for her.

Yolanda didn’t like her middle daughter very much. Her favorite was always Gigi. Bella had always felt this and suffered greatly from it. Now she had a rather cold relationship with her mother.

In the past, the supermodel always considered herself the black sheep of the family. When she grew up, she even dyed her hair brunette to be fundamentally different from Gigi, with whom they are very similar. Yolanda says that she did not plan for her children to have a modeling future. However, she did admit that she had loved photographing them since they were children. She tried to make their clothes the most beautiful and the photos as artistic as possible. Bella’s mother also said that if she saw anyone as a model, it was Gigi. The woman said she noticed from an early age that the camera was very fond of her eldest daughter. Of Bella, Yolanda said only that she «was just a usual kid.»

Hadid from an early age tried to be independent and worked part-time to have her own money. At the age of 16, she became a model. In the fall of 2014, Bella moved to New York City and began studying photography at the Parsons School of Design, having signed with IMG shortly before. She has since stopped school because of the success of her modeling career, but has expressed an interest in returning there to pursue fashion photography in the future.

Bella has made a name for herself, she has become one of the richest and most influential models in the world. Famous designers vied with each other to invite her to shows, she is a frequent guest on various red carpets. Various editions called her the most beautiful woman in the world. However, Hadid all this glory is not very happy. It scares her. By the model’s own admission, despite the fact that she looks confident and relaxed in interviews, they irritate and scare her. Bella struggles desperately with panic attacks, and that’s not counting the daily struggle with the severe symptoms of Lyme disease.

Hadid had to be treated by a therapist because of her terrible psychological condition. The doctor required her to describe her state of mind to him in messages. The supermodel was sometimes so depressed that she couldn’t even write. She would send pictures instead. These pictures can be found online. Bella said that every day of her life was a torment. She wakes up hysterical and goes to sleep the same way.

Among other things, the model was very dissatisfied with her appearance. According to numerous experts in the field of plastic surgery, Hadid had a series of operations on the face. Previously, such procedures were the prerogative of aging actresses, but today more and more young girls perform them, wanting to look even younger and more beautiful. Bella Hadid herself categorically denies any surgical intervention.

It’s sad when such a beautiful girl still suffers from childhood bullying. Bella Hadid is not just a rich heiress, she has achieved a lot in this life on her own. Despite all this, it is very noticeable how her soul suffers: the cherished dream is never destined to come true and she has to constantly prove to everyone that she’s as good as her older sister.

Bella’s painful attitude towards this issue is very evident in her interviews. She always talks about herself, as if viewing her personality through the lens of Gigi’s personality. In Bella’s speech, the most frequent phrases are «my sister’s,» «like my sister,» and so on.

Interestingly, Gigi and her mother are also not going smoothly. The fact is that Yolanda is a real tyrant. The girls themselves do not complain about their mother. Only from the reality show and numerous interviews, the image of a domestic despot loomed.

The former model controls her daughters in everything. She monitors not only their personal life and career, but also the contents of their plates. Such an attitude was not tolerated by Gigi’s rumored ex-husband and Bella’s boyfriend. The sisters need to try hard to become happy and truly independent.

The fashion world is cruel. Sometimes, however, it opens its doors to women who are very far from the standards of beauty.

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