12 children, 53 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild — a unique family from the States

The Zagner family is the record holder for the number of family members. Sixty-two years ago, a family was created in the States that subsequently broke all records for the number of family members.

That family was the couple Leo and Ruth Zagner. They are unique in that four years ago they celebrated the birth of their 100th grandchild. Leo and Ruth have been happily married for half a century. During that time, they solidified their relationship with the birth of 12 children, the eldest of whom, Linda, is now about 60 years old and the youngest, Joe, is 31. From the first days of their marriage, Leo and Ruth dreamed of a large and close-knit family, and according to Ruth, it felt like God himself helped them to do it.

Half a century together

Since their wedding in April 1956, the Zagners have always and everywhere been together. They live together happily, they are never apart and are a model married couple. Leo and Ruth often see their 12 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When the family gathers the residents of the States have the feeling that they are members of a community or residents of a small town in front of them.

The eldest of the children, Linda, as a senior, carefully collects any information about all members of the huge Zagner family and many years ago began compiling a genealogical tree of their large and close-knit family. The genealogical tree includes all family members: beloved parents Ruth and Leo, Linda’s brothers and sisters — 12 in all, their children — 53 in number and grandchildren, of whom there are now 46 and even one great-grandson. Any changes in family composition are scrupulously noted on the tree and reported to all family members.

She has also taken on the mission of reminding all family members of birthday parties and anniversaries that they don’t want to forget. Amazingly, despite the fact that there are so many Zagners, all of them are always aware of the slightest changes in the life of any member of their huge family, and this really brings them respect from the residents of the States.

It is a tradition at family gatherings that everyone takes turns helping their parents prepare meals for the huge family. It’s nice to note that both grandchildren and great-grandchildren are proud of the strong Zagner family and understand that their family is unique in the careful way all family members treat each other.

One of the grandchildren, I believe Austin, once said that many families with fewer members are seen far less often than they are. Usually once or twice a year. And he doesn’t think that’s right. Like the older members of the Zagner family, he feels the support and encouragement of his loved ones all the time and is grateful for it.

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