140kg heartthrob strips naked — haters rejoice

Olivia Messina has become known for actively promoting love for herself and her body. The girl stresses the importance of dressing the way you want to be happy. Especially for chubby girls.

That’s why the plus size model’s social media accounts are littered with photos of her in miniskirts, bra tops and tight dresses. Olivia believes these clothes can be worn at any weight or age.

Accordingly, the star’s wardrobe is full of frank clothes, which sometimes look less than presentable. And most of the time — just vulgar.

Now, Olivia has decided to shed her image by getting naked in front of her followers. On social media, Messina posted photos of herself standing naked, covering her breasts with her hand and her long red hair.

The blogger flaunted her face and back for the camera, showing off her folds in all their glory.

Fans were not expecting to see a star crumpet in such a picture, as Olivia has never been completely naked in her photos before. Unsurprisingly, commentators were immediately divided into two camps. Some praised Olivia’s plump figure, while others advised her to hit the gym sooner.

«Those are folds. She needs to lose weight», «Your weight is already abnormal», «Is she really comfortable at that weight», «It’s not far from her health problems», «I don’t see anything beautiful in that», the blogger’s social media followers commented.

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