«50+ is not old age,» the grandmother of five grandchildren decided. And she created her own style

Meet Tanya Stevens from Virginia.

Tanya, an American, considers herself to be a very ordinary woman. A husband she met while studying at university, three children, five grandchildren, and a spoiled puppy.

She loves the house, but admits that housekeeping is not one of her favorite activities. She loves Christmas, and enjoys decorating the house for the holiday, decorating the tree. But she does not like to part with things. Uncluttering — not her thing, old things for a long time settled in the house, so the order of the house is not ideal.

She watches her figure, but not fanatically. At a height of 168 cm weighs from 68 to 70 kg. She calmly accepts the roundness that over the years acquires a figure.

She loves her family. Parental home, where she grew up with her grandmother, younger brother and sister, she jokingly calls a little crazy. Well not every home has a skunk as a pet!

She loves when her children and grandson gather at her house. And this love is mutual with the whole family.

In general, we could say that there are many people like Tanya. If it weren’t for one «but» — the way Tanya changed her life after 50.

Tanya started her fashion blog in 2015. Her younger sister Liz initiated it. Tanya was already in her 50s. In addition to her age and grandchildren, by this time she had a job in a logging company. Tanya didn’t use a computer very confidently, and she didn’t think about being a blogger. And what would she talk about in her blog? Tanya tells us:

«I am an ordinary woman. I work, cook, clean (sometimes) and live in a tiny neighborhood with minimal shopping opportunities».

Liz, however, insisted that her sister tell her blog about her hobby, something she knew well.

«How to wear clothes is all I know,» Tanya replied to her sister.

And clothes are worn by everyone. So the topic of the blog was found. She didn’t think about the title for a long time: «50 is not old age!»

Addressing her readers in her first post, Tanya wrote:

«Let me start by saying that 50 is not old age! It’s that time in your life when you can say what you feel and wear what you like without fear of judgment.

At the ripe old age of 55, I reinvented myself and became a blogger even though I didn’t know what it was.

It was a whole new world for me, filled with possibilities. This world is open to you as well.»

Tanya not only told, but also showed women of age how to look stylish even on a limited budget.

«If I can do it, so can you,» Tanya convinces her female readers.

Her blog attracted not only female readers. Partnership with stores has proved beneficial not only for Tanya, but also for many women. They get a clue where they can buy attractive clothes at a discount.

Tanya is open and friendly. She reminds us that with middle age, women’s style starts with the right mindset.

«Age is an attitude. Set a youthful mindset to keep a youthful mindset at any age.»


Tanya has managed to create an individual style that she and her loved ones enjoy. This energetic, somewhat eclectic style suits her very well.

The basis of her personal style is a combination of classic, trendy and vintage details in her images. Her husband advised Tanya to think of Marilyn Monroe when creating her outfits. And she took it on board, believing that bright, and perhaps bold accents will not interfere with the classics, but will only make the image more interesting.

Tanya is very fond of combining, creating more and more new looks from available things.

The main principle Tanya adheres to when selecting her outfits is simple: «I feel young, so I will dress young!»

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