A 39-year-old woman has given birth to 38 children, and by the same man

Mariam Nabatantsy is a legendary Ugandan. And she is famous for giving birth to so many children. She can rightfully become an example for those women who are afraid to have even one child. Afraid of pain, afraid of hardship. She proves that nothing is impossible. And this woman from East Africa knows what she’s talking about. After all, she is the mother of 38 children. Unbelievable, but true!

She’s already been dubbed the most prolific mother in Uganda, but the title of «the world’s most prolific woman» isn’t far off either!

It’s hard to believe, but Mariam is 39 years old and has already given birth to 38 children! All but the last one were born naturally, without any complications. But the youngest, who is only 5 months old, is already doing well.

Kassim Kayira, a former BBC journalist and documentary filmmaker, said that the woman married at 13. Her husband was very abusive to her. She gave birth to a total of 44 children, but lost six.

Moreover, Mariam gave birth to triplets four times, quadruplets three times, and twins three times. Only ten of them were girls. The children have very different ages. The youngest child is 5 months old and the oldest is 23 years old.

Her first birth was four pairs of twins. After giving birth to 23 children, Mariam decided to see a doctor to find out about her fertility. The doctors said they could not help, as they had not encountered such cases.

It is noteworthy that Mariam gave birth to all these children by the same man. A man who abandoned her by refusing to help with the children.

The woman believes that leaving children without parental love is a crime, because they will never recover from it. She appeals to all fathers:

«Share the responsibilities, don’t leave the children to women alone!»

After hearing the woman’s story, Ugandan citizen Karo Omu decided to help. He created a funding page to raise money to help Mariam raise her children.

Karo Omu said:

«The goal is to raise an amount of at least $13,188.

When the money is raised, it will be delivered to the family.»

This financial support can be a good start for the family to grow their business, improve their children’s health and provide for themselves to live a comfortable, dignified life.

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