A 90-year-old neighbor came to say goodbye to the dying dog

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy. They become one of your loved ones, a true family member. And when they leave, it feels like a loss that stays for a long time.

This 90-year-old man became a neighbor to this furry friend and his owner. Bailey, the dog, was dying and their friendly elderly neighbor would come over daily to give Bailey treats and play.

«She was so happy to see him,» says a neighbor.

«He gave her cookies every day. They adored each other. It breaks my heart to see them together for the last time.»

The elderly man was talking to the dog, and it seemed that they understood each other well. The two acquaintances were saying goodbye. The old man was smiling, but at the same time seemed sad because he knew what would happen after that. He held on to this moment, and his dog friend reciprocated. They seemed to have a language of their own. It is a beautiful story of friendship that is so poignant that it can melt the most calloused of hearts. It must have been an incredibly difficult moment in the lives of both host and neighbor.

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