A big wild leopard in central London pranks people

The essence of the prank was that right in the middle of a noisy street, a robotic leopard was installed, and as soon as someone walked by it, it let out a menacing growl. Quite expectedly, a lot of people were frightened, and their reactions were very different: some screamed, some fell off their feet, some jumped up or flinched.

The leopard is not real, it is a robot created by John Nolan, the artist who created Voldemort’s baby for the Harry Potter movies.

John teamed up with National Geographic for Big Cat Week and created the first hyper-realistic leopard robot. This large robot is 1.3 meters tall and has over 40 parts that are in constant motion.

Moreover, the muzzle has 116 motors, and Nolan claims that they are so strong, nimble and good that if it were to bite someone, it would be as if it were a real leopard.

But all this was to draw people’s attention to the rapid shrinking of the natural habitat of leopards and wild, free-living animals in general. More and more animals find themselves under the care of humans in cages or artificially created scenery of zoos, and fewer and fewer remain in the wild and have enough space to survive.

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