A black «rag» was visible in the snowdrift. When the man came closer, he saw three frozen kittens

There was a heavy snowstorm that day in Canada… A man named Clyde Compton was driving his truck, carrying milk, when he noticed a black stain on the white snow.

As he approached his find, the man knew he had to get out of the truck and defy the elements. The life of that animal lying in the snow depended on it!

«It was like a piece of clothing or some rags!» — Clyde recalled the events of the day. But it wasn’t long before he realized that there were three little kittens frozen in the snow…

Since there were no footprints around the animals. This indicated that someone had simply thrown them off the road.

Clyde was the only one who could see the kittens because he was sitting in the truck. If he hadn’t been there, the kittens’ fate would have been sad.

The man quickly grabbed the kittens, put them in his car, and went home, warning his wife and daughter that the babies would need help.

By the way, Clyde’s family has two cats and two dogs. People often help animals and it’s not the first time they’ve rescued little kittens.

Clyde asked for help from a local animal rescue group, which helped the family give the babies to a shelter.

The kittens were covered in ice and snow. They were huddled together, trying to keep warm to survive. Someone must have thrown them out of the car.

Right now, the purrs need treatment. They were prescribed antibiotics for a respiratory infection.

The man who rescued the kittens arranged for them to be rehomed by giving them a spare room in the house. Soon they will be moved to a shelter, and then the babies will go home.

If it weren’t for Clyde, the little tails would never have seen the sun… Thanks to the man for helping!

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