A classy short film about how life is a luxurious gift

One day the Brazilian Fabio Coala drew a comic strip, and someone unknown translated it from Portuguese and posted it on 9GAG. Jacob Frey saw it there and made a cartoon based on it, which became his graduation work from the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. The cartoon was selected for 180 festivals and won 59 awards.

The four-minute cartoon shows the touching story of the ambiguous encounter between a teenager who has no leg and his new friend, a dog who is also missing one leg.

The guy sits at home, not wanting to go out and socialize with others because of his illness.

But the puppy, despite a similar problem, shows that it is possible to go on living, playing and enjoying every day. Looking at his new friend, the boy gets up and goes outside to play.
An unexpected gift can give hope and bring him back to life, even if everything seems hopeless.

It’s really worth watching. The ending is simply delightful.

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