A dog barked near an outlet, trying to warn its owners of danger

Willow, a large Pyrenean dog, is only 10 months old. This beauty lives with her loving family in the United States and they absolutely adore her. Willow may be a little shy, but she loves her owners and is always ready to protect them.

And recently this dog once again proved her loyalty. Her owner, Caitlin, returned from the store as usual, and noticed a strange thing — Willow didn’t meet her. Since the dog does this all the time, the owner immediately knew something was wrong.

Looking for the dog, she found it under the desk in the study. Willow barked nervously and refused to come out, as if trying to say something. At first the owner couldn’t understand anything until she touched the wall — it was warm. Suddenly she saw that something was wrong with the outlet.

It turned out that the wires in the outlet had started to burn. Willow smelled it before the fire could start. The family immediately called the fire department, who quickly put it out. They said that if it hadn’t been for Willow, their house could have easily burned down overnight.

The family was incredibly proud of Willow, who, despite her own fear, alerted them to the danger.

«She had never done anything like that, and we were shocked,» says the dog’s owner. Willow is a true hero!

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