A dog walks 3 km with a broken leg to save her puppies

Lianna Powell picked up a greyhound in the street. The dog’s legs were broken and she took it to the vet, but she didn’t even know the story was just beginning. In the veterinary clinic, the dog whimpered and wanted to explain something until they put a collar and leash on her and followed her.

Despite the pain, she walked relentlessly along the only known road, and so walked three kilometers until the doctors found the place where there were were 10 puppies.

Fortunately, the dog family is very lucky. Lianna Powell, a psychologist by training, drew attention to the dog while on vacation in southern Spain.
She noticed that something was wrong with the animal and took her to some specialists. On examination, the dog was diagnosed with fractures of the limbs and it was also noted that she had recently given birth.

The vets put a collar on her and followed her and, as they later said, they guessed that the dog knew where it was going.

She led them to the outskirts of town to the truck stops, where the doctors found 10 healthy, plump puppies.

The devoted mother’s name was Vera. The vet said they were currently undergoin a rehabilitation process and that as soon as they had fully recovered, special organizations would find them loving owners.

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