A dog with cancer guarded her children, and people wanted to put her to sleep

A couple of dogs settled in the basement of an apartment building. Soon the couple had five puppies. Mom stayed with the kids in the basement, and dad walked the streets in search of food for the overgrown family.

The dog was often seen on the streets of the village. He was looking for food in garbage dumps, begging for food from passers-by. It was rare to pity people and beg for food from them. Much more often the dog was driven away. Dogs didn’t let outsiders into their basement. Both father and mother began to bark furiously, protecting the kids from strangers.

The residents of the house did not like that dogs lived in their basement. And they began to demand from the managers to solve this issue, threatening that otherwise they would deal with all the animals themselves with the help of poison. It came to the head of the administration. He took pity on the dogs and called the volunteers with a request to attach the animals.

Two young girls went to pick up the dog family. After listening to stories from local residents, the girls expected aggression from the dogs. But in fact it turned out that Mom is very affectionate and she trusts people. The dog allowed people to go into the basement where 5 black puppies lay in the middle of mountains of garbage. They were very similar to their dad.

The dog allowed the girls to take the kids to the car. At the same time, she accompanied them and did not show any negativity towards people. Dad turned out to be a young dog. He got scared of people and ran away, abandoning his family.

We put Mom and her kids in a separate barrier. The puppies began to walk around the enclosure on still unsteady paws and squeak softly. It became clear that they were hungry. Due to malnutrition, the dog did not have enough milk. Therefore, we offered porridge and meat to the kids. They immediately pounced on the treat.

The dog turned out to be very gentle, affectionate, attached to people.

After a while, it became noticeable that her noose was inflamed, blood was constantly flowing from there. A visit to the veterinarian and tests showed a serious problem – venereal sarcoma.

In dogs, this disease is transmitted sexually. And to be treated like other oncology – chemotherapy. This type of sarcoma is very rarely accompanied by metastases. Therefore, doctors give good forecasts. It remains only to find money for chemistry

The puppies have grown up and are already eating themselves. Therefore, another overexposure was found for them.

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