A family took in two feral kittens and then noticed that one of the kittens was behaving unusually

A rescue team from San Diego, California, volunteered to help two little kittens. The kittens did not meet the criteria for adoption, so they could not stay in a shelter.

Both kittens were feral and had trouble adjusting to life indoors. Fortunately, the rescue team has a special programme for adopting these animals.

At the same time, a family in the Alps was looking for a cat for their home. Not for the house, but for the barn! The family wanted the animals to chase away the pesky rodents that were always hanging around.

When people came to look at the same feral kittens, they decided to take both kittens home!

That’s how the kittens got to their new home, exploring the garden and barn. It took about six weeks to settle in and then, as if they understood exactly what was expected of them, the kittens began to keep all the local rodents in awe.

The purrs were nicknamed Hunter and Kate. And soon something very interesting came to light!

The family noticed that the cat was behaving unusually. Hunter became very attached to his little daughter, the family darling. He started following her around like a dog.

Hunter has transformed from a feral cat into the best friend of a girl called Iselin. He follows her around the yard while she plays or helps her parents with household chores. It looks really cute!1

While Hunter follows the girl around like a faithful dog, Kate prefers to watch from a distance.

It seems to Iselin’s parents that the cat is protecting the child, not just her friend.

The two kittens everyone thought were «wild» have found their perfect family. They have also become great guardians and friends!

Hunter follows and guards the baby every day. Isn’t that a sign that the kitten actually has a very kind heart, just that no one has been able to see it?

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