A farmer saved a bull from bullfighting: now they are best friends, and the bull constantly thanks his savior

Christopher Thomas is a farmer. The man went to an auction to buy animals for the farm. Christopher’s plan was to return home with a couple of chickens and goats, perhaps buying a little bull. He had no intention at all of buying an adult bull, much less one bred for bullfighting. But when he saw him at the auction, his plans changed.

The bull had a very sad look, as if he knew what future was waiting for him. Perhaps the bull really understood what awaited him.

Christopher could not allow such a large and beautiful animal to be killed just for the entertainment of the public.

Christopher returned from the auction with only a mature bull. The farm staff was surprised by the decision of their boss, because there was simply no space in the outbuildings to keep such a large animal. The bull could fit in the cow corral, but it was not reinforced for a large bull.

At first, Christopher was afraid because the bull was large and had been trained for bullfighting. The animal, however, did not show any aggression. The bull was placed in a temporary stall. He was named Fadien. And then the man began to set up a permanent enclosure.

Christopher was always careful with his new pet. When the man entered Fadien’s enclosure to clean, he never turned his back on the bull. Despite the bull’s calm nature, he was trained to fight the man. Many bulls bred for bullfighting have a high level of aggression.

One day the farmer went to work but forgot to take precautions. Christopher turned away from the bull and was cleaning the enclosure when he felt the animal’s head resting on his shoulder.

The bull was not trying to be aggressive, but rather wanted to thank the man for saving him. From that moment on, Christopher decided not to believe stereotypes and trusted his own feelings, which told him that Fadian was incapable of hurting anyone.

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