A fearsome shepherd found a kitten, brought it to its owners, and began to take care of it as if it were her own puppy

While walking with his German Shepherd dog, a man noticed the strange behavior of his pet. Normally the dog did not want to go to the training area, but this time he ran toward the house, ignoring his owner. The man noticed that the dog had an incomprehensible object in its mouth, which turned out to be a small kitten.

The dog, who usually looked intimidating, carefully carried the little cat in his teeth and tried to sneak it into the house, turning away from his owner.

The man had to nurse the kitten because it could not feed itself.

During all this time, the dog never left the foundling and watched her, laying her down on its cot and playing with her. This was the beginning of a strong friendship between the animals, who did everything together: walking, eating, and sleeping.

The kitty grew up showing a complicated character, but the dog still loved and protected her.

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