A flock of swans froze on a pond, but one woman was able to save them

A pair of swans had five chicks born late. So when it was time for them to fly away to warmer lands, they were not ready for the long flight. The whole family had to stay on the pond for the winter. After all, the parents could not abandon their chicks.

The family lived quietly on the pond until mid-February. But afterwards the temperature dropped drastically and the pond froze over. The emaciated swans went to the village for help from the people.

Residents began to feed the swan family, and some began to look for places for them to winter with the help of the media. Local zoos did not want to take the seven birds because they were already underfunded.

Suddenly there was a woman who saved a family of swans. She had a chain of restaurants. She decided to help the birds survive the winter. The woman kept poultry that lived in a spacious polycarbonate greenhouse.

The swans are comfortably housed. They are fed with vegetables, fish and leftovers from restaurants. So the birds never go hungry. After a couple of weeks of this care and feeding, the swans have gained weight and gained strength.

The woman said she would keep the swans for as long as they needed it. If they want to fly away in the spring, she won’t keep them.

The swans’ neighbors are beautifully colored chickens, mandarin ducks, and a cute little piglet.

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