A genius young dad came up with a great way to instantly quiet a screaming baby

Young parents know what sleepless nights are like better than anyone else. Young babies cry and keep them awake, so moms and dads resort to various tricks

Some lull with singing, others rub a handkerchief over the face, or others do soothing baths. But as it turns out, there is a much simpler way. And it was invented by a man, the father of a little girl.

His name is Daniel Eisenman, and he lives in California. He is just as happy as any other father to have a child. But as much as we love our children, anyone can lose control of their emotions when they start crying.

But Daniel has a way that always bails him out.

Whenever his daughter starts to cry, he makes an «om-m-m-m-m» sound. Five seconds and his house is silent. If you have any doubts about this method, watch the video below.

The video shows Daniel’s daughter stopping crying when she hears this unusual sound. The young father uploaded the video to Facebook.

The man found an explanation for it. When he says «om-m-m-m-m,» he is actually mimicking the noise that babies hear when they are in the womb. Any humming noise, even the noise made by a vacuum cleaner, reminds them of their mother’s heartbeat. Because babies are used to this sound, they immediately calm down when they hear it.

Now you know how you can soothe a crying baby.

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