A girl became a social media star thanks to her striking resemblance to a Hollywood actor

Little Cora Grier is not even a year old yet. But she is already a social media star with a very famous doppelganger — Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson. The girl’s mom, Dani Grier Malvenna, was prepared for the fact that with a young child, it would not only be difficult, but also fun. At least sometimes.

But what Dani didn’t expect was that one day when she looked at a picture of her daughter, she would realize that her baby girl was the spitting image of Woody Harrelson. The woman laughed for a long time at the funny resemblance she suddenly discovered and decided to share the photo of Cora on social media.

The photo instantly went viral. Users also laughed heartily at the tiny female version of the popular actor. Woody Harrelson did not pass by the post about Cora either. He liked the post and wrote that Cora is an adorable child with a wonderful smile. The actor also joked that he wished he had hair like the girl’s.

«Cora says thank you so much to everyone for the likes and comments. She also wants to say that her daughter doesn’t always look like Woody Harrelson. But sometimes she does look like him.» Dani wrote.

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