A guy was having guests over when an uninvited guest sneaked into his house and stayed there forever

About a month ago, friends gathered at a young man named Adam Laigo’s house. When his guests went outside to get some air, they noticed a tiny lump of fur walk right up to the door of the house and try to enter.

Adam was cooking a meal at the time. One of his friends told him that a kitten was trying to enter the apartment. Indeed, the crumb, huddled on the ground, wanted to literally crawl into a warm and cozy place, while at the same time looking at strangers with fear.

Suddenly the toddler flinched and ran outside. Adam grabbed a can of tuna and went in search of the kitten, who for some reason became very sorry…

The boy managed to find the fugitive and persuade him to eat. The kitten was hungry, so he followed the young man out onto the porch and into the kitchen. As soon as Adam managed to put him food, the little cat eagerly jumped on the treat.

On closer examination, the kitten was a girl. Between her and Adam quickly formed a close relationship — the young man was fascinated by the little girl, and even gave her a funny nickname Tuna.

The boy bathed her when he saw how many fleas the cat had. The first night she fell asleep in bed next to her rescuer, and it continues to this day. Yes, yes, Adam decided to give his guest a home!

The tuna was treated for parasites, worms, and flea-treated at the vet clinic. The animal had no microchip, so Adam calmly kept the baby.

Sometimes it seems to the young man that the cat has chosen him herself.

The pet turned out to be a very active and cheerful girl who loves cardboard boxes and playing with catnip.

Tuna likes to cuddle up tight with her owner after she gets played with. Every night she comes to Adam’s house and lies down in his bed, blocking his phone. This is her way of letting him know that it’s bedtime.

The baby is inquisitive and affectionate most of the time, but can be restless if she wants to play.

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