A man rescued a lioness, and now she constantly thanks him and hugs him

Valentin is an animal rights activist living in Botswana. The man has helped many animals, but one of his charges was special to him. Her mother lioness gave up on Sirga when the baby was only 10 days old.

The lioness stopped feeding her three cubs and two of them died, but Sirgi survived thanks to Valentin’s help. He took the cub and nursed her back to health.

Sigri quickly got used to the man. She considers him her daddy and tries not to move one step away from him. The man plays with the big cat and teaches her the tricks of adult life, so it was Valentin who taught Sigri to hunt. Although the young lioness knows how to get her own food, she is so used to people that she cannot survive in the wild.

Sirgi is very attached to Valentin. She treats other people with coolness, tolerating their presence rather than enjoying their company.

The lioness takes her adoptive father’s friends with indulgence, allowing liberties and playing only together with her master.

Another person for whom Sirgi has warm feelings is Valentine’s friend Mikkel. The man is often at the home of the animal rights activist. The lioness has been used to him since childhood. Mikkel says that he perceives Sirga as his sister.

Next to these two men, the lioness behaves the way the young of her species behave inside the pride: she is playful, constantly demands attention from her «big brothers,» often trying to make them lose their temper for the sake of it.

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