A man rescued a she-wolf and her cubs, and four years later they met in the same place

This story happened in Alaska to a local ranger. The man was walking along the river, looking for a promising site, when he noticed a wolf in front of him. The predator was in a very unnatural position. The wolf looked at the man, but did not try to attack or escape, it continued to lie in place. As he got a little closer, the man realized that the predator was caught in a trap.

Upon examining the animal, the man realized that he was faced with a she-wolf, and that she was still feeding her cubs. What the man could not understand was how to help the animal. At the approach of the man, the she-wolf reacted with a vicious growl. The man decided to walk around and try to find the wolf cubs.

It was early spring and soon the man noticed the tracks of the wolf and followed them when he found the den of the animal. The cubs were alive but hungry. Gathering the cubs the man went back to the river.

When the mother saw her babies, she started howling with happiness, and the cubs immediately rushed to her and started eating.

While the wolf was feeding the cubs, the man made several attempts to approach her, but each time the animal reacted with a vicious growl. To placate the animal, the prospector decided to feed her. After feeding the wolf became a little kinder, but she still would not let him approach. The man stayed with the animal and made a shelter for the night on the shore.

In the morning the man woke up to the curious wolf cubs running around. The little ones were not afraid of the man and from the morning began to explore all around.

All day long the man talked with the wolf, played with her cubs, trying to show that no danger comes from him. Another day it took the predator to trust the man. But on the third day the man noticed that the animal had replaced anger with mercy and no longer growled at his approach.

The prospector approached the animal and held out his hand. The wolf didn’t react, so the prospector realized it was time to act. As soon as the man opened the trap, the animal yanked out its paw and ran away. The paw was wounded and stiff, but the animal let the man up again so he could examine its paw. The man hoped the animal would cope with his injury on its own. The she-wolf and the little ones went into the woods, and the man went home.

The man was near the river again four years later. He decided to take a walk along the bank, remembering his past adventures, when a wolf appeared on his path. Having noticed the man, the predator began wagging its host and the prospector realized that it was his old acquaintance. All this time the wolfess had not left her den. The howls of wolves resounded in the forest, the prospector decided that some of the voices might belong to the wolf cubs that he had once saved from starvation.

After looking at the man for a while, the she-wolf went into the woods. The Prospector realized that she was glad to see him, and thanked him for saving her. The man confessed that the memory of a good deed he had done always made him happy.

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