A man took in a tiny kitten, and it grew bigger than his dog

It was windy and cold outside, so Nico was in a hurry to get home as soon as possible after work. The path to his warm home was blocked by a little kitten. The little redhead was just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, desperately shaking with fear and cold. The kitten was very small and hard to see, but the animal seemed to understand that, so it cried desperately, drawing attention to itself.

Nico picked up the kitten and carried it home. The man thought he would just feed and warm it and then look for a new home for the baby. Nico sheltered the kitten from the wind with his jacket, and it was only when he was warm that the baby finally stopped crying.

In his new home, the kitten got warm and fed, and Nico made him a little cot. The baby turned out to be cute and funny, the man began to think about whether he would look for a new family for him or keep him for himself. The dog living in Nico’s house also accepted the baby well. It took the kitten only a few hours to get used to him and he proved to be sociable and cheerful. After a few days, Nico was firmly convinced that the baby would stay at his home.

The kitten was growing and gaining weight very quickly. When he was one year old, he was already much bigger than his relatives at that age. Nico decided to find out about the breed of his pet and a search on the Internet convinced him that he found a Maine Coon on the street.

These cats are true record-breakers among their species. They grow up to a meter tall and weigh about 10 kg. Time passed, and in the red kitten the features of the breed became more and more apparent: his paws got stronger, his fur became long and thick, and tassels appeared on his ears.

Nico’s pet has grown large, even by the standards of his breed. The cat weighs 14 kilograms and is much taller than the dog living in the house. If in the early days the cat fit in the palm of his hand, now it is not easy to hold him in the arms for a long time. He has become the largest cat of his breed.

Nico adores his pet, he doesn’t forbid him anything and loves to pamper him. At night the cat needs half of the owner’s bed, and he bathes exclusively in the bathtub.

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