A mother dog cuddles her puppy when she sees that the owner is going to sell him

In China, the pet store is very popular and you can freely see and choose the dogs you want.

The owner of this dog shared that the family’s situation was extremely difficult. And their golden retriever dog gave birth to 8 more puppies. Feeling that she was unable to take care of the babies, the woman decided to sell them. To do this, she had to take them to the market.

A buyer was found. He chose a cute and beautiful puppy who turned out to be very obedient. Just as the owner was about to give him the puppy and get his money, the mother dog suddenly lost control and lunged at the guest. She started barking loudly showing pleading eyes like, «Please don’t take my baby. Go away!».

This action surprised the people around, but they also quickly understood that the dog did not want to lose her child. Standing there looking at your child being carried away in front of your eyes, how could any living creature bear it? The guest, although very heartbroken, also promised the owner that he would do his best to take good care of this puppy. Because anyway, if you don’t buy it, someone else will. The guest himself is also a lover of cats and dogs, so he will definitely make sure he has a good life.

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