A pianist stunned the judges of America’s Got Talent by turning Beethoven into a robotic break-dance

Everything seemed ready for a regular piano recital when a tall, bearded pianist named Patrizio Ratto appeared.

Ratto’s performance begins with typical Got Talent nerves and anticipation.

«Are you performing an original song?» the judges ask.

«No,» he answers: «It’s classical music, I hope you like it.»

The pianist begins with Beethoven’s famous Bagatelle in A minor, Für Elise. After a few bars, however, unexpected variations appear.

Electronic rhythms and urban sounds accompany the piano, and Ratto suddenly changes the movement of his body. The piano stool is tipped over, the jacket is dropped, and Beethoven is met with robotic breakdancing.

It may not be your average piano concerto, but Ratto has won many fans.

One viewer remarked, «When your parents want you to be a professional concert pianist, but you tell them you want to be a robot when you grow up.»

Watch Patrizio’s performance in full below.

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