A polar bear chased a man in a boat, but not to harm him

Rolan Warrior lives in Kaktovik, Alaska. The man works as a tour guide, showing tourists the beauty of his native land. That day, the man took his boat out to sea, heading for the coastal barrier. After a while, he noticed a polar bear swimming behind his boat.

Rolan is a native Alaskan. The man’s ancestors got their food by hunting, so he himself is well acquainted with the habits of the local animals. Rolan knows that a hungry bear makes no difference between sea creatures and humans, but this time the animal did not even try to show aggression, on the contrary, it seemed to the guide that the bear is in a friendly mood.

Roland switched off the boat’s engine and let the bear get closer. It turned out that his intuition was correct, the bear did not intend to attack, it needed help from the man. Most likely, the animal had dived for prey close to the fishing net, and the net had completely entangled its body.

Rolan himself could not cope with the problem, and the captains and passengers of other boats that were nearby came to his aid. Soon the men managed to cut the net off the bear. All the time the people were working, the bear tried not to move, he held his body above water by grabbing Rolan’s boat with his paw.

When the rescue operation was completed, the animal looked gratefully at all its rescuers and swam away.

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