A pregnant cat was thrown out of a window in a bag, but it survived and became a mother

The owners decided to get rid of their cat. The animal was thrown out of the window and placed in a bag, the handles of which were tied around the cat’s neck. Fortunately, the people did not tighten the knot too much, and the cat was able to breathe. When it fell out of the window, the animal landed on a tree. It sat on the branch for two days, hungry and dehydrated, with a bag tied around its neck.

The cat was thrown out at the very beginning of spring. Sitting in a tree she was suffering from the cold and had a bad cold. A local resident heard the animal crying and approached volunteers to help remove the cat.

Soon there were volunteers at the tree who quickly removed the furry victim. It was not so easy to remove the bag, it was cut with a knife, acting carefully, because it was wrapped tightly around the cat’s body and neck.

The cat was taken to the vet and then to a shelter. At the shelter the cat began to come to her senses. The staff noted that the cat was very affectionate and sociable, she was easy to get along with people, so they were sure that she would immediately accept her new owners.

Already in the process of treating the cat, it turned out that the cat was pregnant. The long term did not allow anything to be done, so Shura, the cat’s name, began to prepare for the birth of her offspring.

Shura had one baby girl, an exact copy of her mother. The baby is healthy and as soon as she becomes independent, both she and Shura will be looking for new families.

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