A rotten booth, a meter-long chain and a heavy collar. Such a life was waiting for a puppy

The puppy could not move because of the heavy chain and collar. And only the desire of the owners to take a cat into the house saved him from a hard life on the street.

Anna and Elena found a new home for the cat, who was their ward. Having gone to give their ward, they returned back not only with a kitten, but also a puppy…

Entering the yard of the potential owners of the kitten, the girls were at a loss. People who, in their opinion, loved animals and could become a good family for a cat, had a puppy. It wasn’t the presence of a dog, but the fact that the baby was sitting in the cold in the yard and was very scared. It was immediately clear that the puppy was malnourished and sick. His skin stretched over his bones, and his stomach was painfully swollen. The baby could barely stand on thin paws. The picture was aggravated by a short heavy chain attached to a collar that was too large and inconvenient for the baby. The chain led to a small booth, rotten and not protecting from rain and wind.

The girls did not give the cat to these people, and they decided to take the puppy with them. The owners of the house did not object. The puppy was given to them by friends who had more than a dozen of them.

It is difficult to call what the girls saw the right attitude to the animal. The heavy chain did not allow the baby to move, even an old rag was not laid in the booth so that the baby would not be cold. And his stomach was swollen not from abundant nutrition, but from parasites. Why did these people agree to take a puppy if they didn’t even try to create suitable conditions for him?

The baby was taken away and sent for overexposure. The girl got the nickname Knopa. The dog managed to get rid of the parasites and she gradually began to gain weight. Knopa is very affectionate and cheerful. She loves the company of people and reciprocates the slightest attention in her direction.

Knopa does not have an outstanding pedigree, but she is worthy of love and attention no less than small decorative dogs. Proper food, a comfortable harness, warmth and care – that’s all you need to make a baby happy.

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