A simple picture at first glance, but what’s wrong with it? A riddle that is difficult to understand even after finding out the answer

When exercising and developing your body, we should not forget that our brain, just like our muscles, needs training. They are, of course, different from sports training. To improve memory, thinking speed and intelligence development mind games — chess, checkers, words, crossword puzzles, as well as puzzles — are excellent. Solving them at the same time and fun, and very useful.

And today we have prepared for you just one puzzle. It will be a puzzle on a picture. It is great to develop attentiveness, logical thinking, and train your imagination. There is a catch hidden in the picture, your task is to figure out what is wrong here, to find inconsistencies. Let’s get started.

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be anything strange in this picture, but in fact there are as many as 17 errors. Can you find them?

First, here’s a little hint. There are a lot of details in this image that can’t be in reality, and there are also things that defy conventional logic. Get your friends involved and turn into Sherlock Holmes!

We very much hope that you will not peek hastily at the answers. Find at least half of the inaccuracies, and then you can find out what’s wrong with the picture.

Here are the answers!

1. notice the wind: the trees sway one way and the smoke goes the other.

2. You can’t tell from the picture what time of year it is. Some trees are densely covered with leaves, while others are completely bare.

3. the most important person in the field, the plowman, is absent.

4. The trees grow right in the middle of the field.

5.The modern design is certainly surprising at times, but the curtains outside are something.

6.Many objects do not cast a shadow.

7.Grandpa probably won’t get into the house. The threshold is there, but there is no door!

8.The field is in real trouble: it is sown and harvested at the same time.

9. Even the horse is confused: walking toward the already ploughed field.

10.Not only that, there isn’t even a clamp on the horse.

11. Grandpa is obviously a big guy. How else to explain the diminutiveness of his house?

12. The dog is not a small dog either. Compare him to the sheep!

13. One sheep in the foreground without a leg.

14. The other got a black dog-tail.

15. Also, the sheep are improperly reduced from the foreground to the background.

16. The lake is above the horizon line.

17. The cart standing by the house has no wheel and no handle.

It’s not an easy task, is it? Speaking of which, this picture can turn into a fun game. Divide your friends into teams and see who can find the most mistakes.

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