A spaniel stolen seven years ago returned to its owner

Emma Drewett of Buckinghamshire, England, feared she would never see her spaniel Flash again because he was stolen in 2015.

The dog had fallen victim to criminal breeders who not only stole dogs for breeding, but also forced the animals to breed until they were old. Of course, Emma made numerous attempts to find her pet. But all to no avail. And the owner had all but given up hope.

But not long ago, Emma was contacted by a resident of South Wales named Michelle Barrow. She bought an older dog. A few months later, she took him to the vet for a checkup. The doctor found a microchip implanted in the animal’s body, which revealed that it was the long-stolen Flash.

Now the pet has returned to Emma. She said that at first the spaniel just looked at her and then started wagging his tail and jumping around like crazy. Flash’s owner is glad that she thought of implanting such a useful microchip into her dog. She is grateful to all the people who, with the help of social networks, helped her look for the dog and supported her.

Emma, of course, is particularly grateful to Michelle. The woman managed to get attached to the dog she bought. And so it was hard for her to part with him. But in the end, the lady did the right thing. Michelle’s consolation is that there are still many dogs in the world who need a home and a relationship.

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