A stray dog came to the clinic to ask people for help

In the Brazilian municipality of Juazeiro do Norte, doctors noticed a dog in a veterinary clinic. The dog entered the clinic on his own, and when a staff member approached him, he extended his paw and showed that there was something wrong with it.

This limb was damaged and had an ingrown claw. In addition, the animal was covered with numerous parasites.

The caring doctors decided to keep the dog in the clinic and help him. They not only fixed his paw and eliminated the parasites, but also conducted an examination. Diagnosis showed that the dog had a malignant tumor in the area of the genitals.

The veterinarians could not abandon the stray dog and condemn him to death. The dog underwent surgery to remove the cancerous neoplasm. The animal also underwent its first course of chemotherapy. The treatment showed good results. Dace Silva, a staff member at the veterinary clinic, said the dog seemed more active and healthy.

But the operated dog will have to continue therapy. The vet clinic is actively looking for new owners who are willing to take care of the animal. Many calls have already been received, but none of those who want to come to the institution for documents. Therefore, the search for caring owners is still going on.

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