A street cat was saved from certain death, and it turned out that a beauty was hiding behind a shabby skin

Sometimes life is unfair even to the smallest and most defenseless of us. This is exactly what happened to a poor stray cat that wandered around Malaysia in search of help. And she got it! And in addition to her amazing transformation, which is even hard to believe.

Nооr Hamiza from Malaysia found this unfortunate cat in her backyard.


The cat was in a very poor condition and needed urgent help.

Noor found Mei Mei (the cat was named that way) in the backyard of her house under the car. The girl said that the cat looked very bad. Her skin was affected by infection and fungus, and had many wounds.

The cat, moreover, was very dirty and smelled bad. And there were a lot of fleas jumping on her skin. There was also a wound on Mei Mei’s paw and the animal needed urgent help.

Nооr put the cat in a box and brought it to her house.


The animal didn’t even need to be persuaded to jump into the box. She seemed to be waiting for help and behaved quite calmly. According to the rescuer, the cat looked at her as if she was begging for salvation. She looked sad, lonely and lost


Noor also mentioned that Mei Mei wasn’t a bit afraid of her. She rather hoped that she would be found and helped.

The girl took the cat, who is now called Mei Mei, to the vet. She learned everything she needed to know about the process of her recovery.


Of course, first of all, the cat needed a warm corner, medicines, proper nutrition and a lot of love and care. Nооr fulfilled all the requirements of the veterinarian for the care of the kitty!

After 5 months of treatment and care, Mei Mei became unrecognizable!


After Nооr took Mei Mei to the vet, he discovered that the cat weighed only 2 kg. The girl knew that she had to fight for the cat’s life and try her best.

A resident of Malaysia said that if Mei Mei survives, it will be a sign for her and she will love this cat and take care of her for the rest of her lifе. Mei Mei’s snow-white fur has grown, and she began to look not just amazing, but even unrecognizable.


Now, after about 1 year of life full of love and care, Mei Mei weighs about 6 kg and is an example that even hopeless cases are not always hopeless.

Mei Mei has got a snow-white fluffy fur coat and is living her best life.


Noor mentioned that Mei Mei is still afraid of people she doesn’t know. But she loves her family very much and is always ready for hugs and displays of affection.

Her health has returned to normal. Now she lives a carefree home life, enjoying sleeping on a soft couch and a full meal.


Nооr and Mei Mei are very happy and grateful that they found each other!

The girl said that she is always ready to save animals in need and take care of them. Nооr says that people should help those in need to survive in this cruel and merciless world.

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