A student handed in her essay to the professor on a blank sheet of paper, asking him to heat it up. And she got a perfect score

A 19-year-old student from Japan, Aimee Haga, wrote an essay about a visit to a ninja museum, but her work turned out to be invisible. The thing is, the professor had mentioned that creative papers would get more points. Then Aimee got the idea to write her essay in invisible ink, which is made using an ancient ninja recipe.

The first-year student obtained all the ingredients and carried out her cunning plan. The professor was very surprised when he received the blank sheet.

Even as a child, the girl was interested in ninjas and medieval villains. She remembered that they used the «aburidarashi» technique for secret correspondence. Aimee decided to use it for her work to get the highest score. To do this, she needed soybeans, which she soaked and then turned into a mush. The girl strained the resulting mixture and mixed the resulting solution with water. On a piece of thin Japanese paper, Aimee wrote an essay, dipping her brush in the soy ink.

The professor received a blank sheet and a little instruction.

To keep the invisible essay from going in the trash, Aimee put a little instruction that asked the professor to heat the blank sheet. This creative ploy worked! The student got the top grade, even though the professor didn’t even finish her work. He held the essay over the gas stove, and the letters appeared crisp and clear on the sheet. The professor said that this was the first time in his memory that a student had used the «aburidashi» technique. This girl could have been a good ninja!

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