A thoroughbred dog that ended up in the trash in old age

I like to talk about my animals. But today my story has another hero – a small thoroughbred dog, who, having grown old, became completely unnecessary to his former owners. A new period has come in the life of the animal.The dog was forced to live in a dumpster and take care of its own food.

A pomeranian named Bead ended up in the family when she was already three years old. Where and how she lived before that is unknown. The dog has a pathology of the hind leg. Although Bead lived in the family, she was often sent outside to walk on her own. For a small dog, such walks are unsafe, but the owners did not notice the potential risks. The animal in the family was generally treated indifferently, it is not surprising that after a while Bead turned out to be on the street.

The dog was living in a dumpster when another family noticed it. People took the pretty baby, but it wasn’t for long. Due to the fact that the dog had been eating waste for a long time, she had intestinal problems and at night she soiled all the floors in the new house. People did not give the baby a second chance, but took her to the clinic and left her there.

The dog started a new stage of her life in a cage in the clinic.

Вead needed treatment, which was not cheap at all. A neoplasm was found on the sick paw, there were problems with teeth, gastrointestinal tract, hernias in the abdomen, and also a cold.

The doctors spared no effort and money. Therefore, Bead received all the treatment she needed, special food and diapers.

For several weeks, the baby had to be bathed daily, because she went to the toilet just in a cage. But over time, Bead learned to cope with its needs while walking on the street.

When the condition of Bead got better, she had a hernia and a tumor removed, sterilized, and her teeth were treated.

The girl recovered very quickly and became active and playful. Although the Bead has a disability and she is at a respectable age, the dog is kind, affectionate, a wonderful companion. Therefore, I hope that a family will be found for the dog quickly.

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