A tired boy fell asleep right at the fair with his cow.

This guy in the photo is called Mitchell. He has his own cow, which he looks after quite well. He often likes to play with her, and they have become real friends. Recently, the guy decided to participate with his cow in a dairy fair, which was supposed to be in the American state of Iowa.

They had been preparing for this for a very long time and wanted to win very much. That day has finally come. They performed very well and were able to take 5th place out of seven prizes. After that, both were very tired and did not notice how they fell asleep right there. This moment was very sweet, and the boy’s father managed to capture it on camera. This picture was so good that he decided to post it on his Instagram page.

This boy’s mother’s name is Laura Miner. According to her, if you spend a lot of time with an animal, it will become part of your family. That’s exactly what happened to the boy and his cow. The boy’s parents currently live in the city, but they lived and grew up on a farm.

The family often goes to the farm in the summer. This is done so that children do not forget who they really are. A woman wants them to develop certain values in this way, which she diligently tries to preserve.

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