A wolf came out of the taiga to the ranger’s wife and led her to a place where her husband needed help

On a cold winter’s morning, the forest ranger drove through Alaska Territory to say goodbye to his wife, Laura. When he failed to return home that evening, Laura heard a wolf growling at the front door. Undaunted, she left the house and followed the wolf as it led her through the thick forest.

Mike and Laura loved nature and the peace it offered. Mike was given the opportunity to work as a forester in this snowy state and was happy to accept.

It was Mike’s responsibility to inspect the large area on a daily basis, often by snowmobile. And it was on this day that he said goodbye to Laura, promising to return that evening.

In the morning, Laura was worried because Mike had not returned. Then she heard a wolf growling outside the house. Boldly, she stepped out of the house and saw a lone wolf, as if inviting her to follow. Her intuition told Laura to bundle up and follow the wolf on her snowmobile.


After a while they reached the man’s snowmobile, which was in the middle of the forest. Mike’s voice came from beneath the drifts. It turned out that he had unknowingly fallen into a ravine and was in a desperate situation.

Laura called the rescue team and within an hour they had rescued Mike. On the way home he told her that a month ago he had rescued a wolf puppy that had been trapped under a fallen tree trunk. It was now clear to Laura. The wolf’s action was an act of gratitude; the animal had repaid the kindness for the help it had received from Mike.

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