A woman bought a decommissioned plane, put it in the woods and moved there to live

Joe’s house was destroyed to the ground by a snowstorm. The woman was left without a roof over her head, but she didn’t lose heart and bought the decommissioned plane for next to nothing. She put the airliner in the middle of a deep forest and moved there to live: the old Boeing turned into a luxurious premium accommodation.

Joe Ussery didn’t come to the decision to buy a whole plane right away. The woman didn’t have enough money for even the most modest apartment, and in search of housing she climbed farther and farther from the city. Her brother-in-law came to the rescue — the man was just working as an air traffic controller.

He suggested to the American woman an idea that was not the most obvious: to buy a decommissioned Boeing instead of an apartment. The decommissioned plane cost Joe only two thousand dollars.

«The airline was kind enough to bring the plane to the site I pointed out at my own expense. However, they were probably just happy to decommission the old scrap metal,» Joe told reporters.

It took several years to rebuild the liner. The bathroom took the place of the toilet cubicles, luggage compartments became roomy closets, the Jacuzzi, a full kitchen with all the appliances and an oven were moved there. The forward part of the aircraft was specially placed directly above the lake. The bedroom is located here, which creates the illusion of a real flight.

Joe spent another $30,000 on all the remodeling, utilities, and upgrades. And that is much cheaper than the cost of any, even the tiniest apartment in a major city.

Joe has no plans to leave her unique home. In recent months, the woman began to let tourists in and earn extra income.

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