A yard dog carried its puppies out of a burning building directly into a fire truck

There was a disaster in one of the cities of Chile. There was a strong fire and the wind began to spread the fire to several houses at once. Rescue services came to the rescue. Firefighters desperately fought the fire saving people’s property. Thank God, they were able to overcome the elements.

Starting to extinguish the fire, they immediately noticed a dog emerging from the fire with a puppy in his teeth.

The mongrel mother’s name was Amanda. She lived in one of these houses and recently had four puppies. Sensing the danger, Amanda immediately began to save the most precious and take them out of the fire one by one.

Amanda quickly realized that the safest place right now would be a fire truck. Rescuers found the family after coping with the fire and were about to leave.

The dog curled up into a ball and licked her cubs. First of all, rescuers took the four-legged family to the veterinary clinic. After learning that everything was fine with mom and her puppies, they returned them to their owners.

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