A young cat cried when she realized her owners wanted to put her to sleep

A nice and calm British cat about two years old was brought to the clinic. The owners insisted on putting it to sleep, even though the animal was perfectly healthy. Someone in the family discovered they were allergic to fur and it was decided that the cat had no place in the house. Therefore, in order not to look for new owners, they decided to kill the cat.

The doctors refused to give the fatal injection. Then the visitors simply left the clinic, leaving the cat and the staff to decide its fate.

Sheila, the cat’s name was, looked after her owners and had tears in her eyes. The cat also cried when she found herself at the shelter, where she was placed by one of the employees of the clinic. She seemed to mourn her owners and their decision to abandon her.

Soon the cat got used to its new home. She began to respond to petting, began to play. After a while she was taken to a new family.

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