After 24 years. What does Imhotep’s 52-year-old mistress look like today?

Do you remember the beauty who won Imhotep’s heart in your favorite film? Despite her brevity, Anxunamun is remembered by many for her distinctive beauty, which the actress has managed to preserve to this day. Patricia Velasquez celebrated her 52nd birthday by unveiling new photos on her Instagram page.

The Venezuelan actress and model sports a youthful face and impeccable figure, just like a young girl. «I can’t even believe it’s been 24 years», «My first love», «Honestly, she looks older than her age. She looks like she’s given up nursing and all that.»

«She looks older», «Some stars her age look much younger», «Beautiful Anksunamun», «Superb actress», «I preferred her to the main character», — I read in the comments under the new Velasquez photos.

Do you recognize the actress?

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