An 11-year-old girl chose the most difficult song

The audience of an American project, dedicated to the search for new talent, witnessed an incredible event. A little girl appeared on the stage of one of the brightest and highest rated projects «Next Star». The most ordinary girl, what a lot of people come to such projects. She did not attract the attention of the judges and the audience.

The contestant’s name is Serena, she is only 11 years old. She came to the contest from the Italian city of Pisa. Serena appeared on stage very modestly, singing just a couple of notes and letting the judges know that she was a real talent. The unique, original, about which they say «a talent from God».

Serena has long been a big fan of American diva Whitney Houston. Just starting to sing, the contestant saw all the judges, applauding, rise from their seats and listen to her performance.

The audience fully supported the decision of all the judges. The song «I will always love you», not an easy one to sing, was a success for this little girl, who was so scared to go on stage. Her amazing voice and the well chosen song allowed this child to win the hearts not only of the judges and the audience on the stage, but also the hearts of the viewers on TV.

Talented people should come to such projects, and such projects should take place on television just for such people. Not everyone can sing, much less sing such a difficult song. The girl delighted the audience, and she had a desire to become a new pop star and sing her own songs.

We have prepared a video of her performance for you. Sit back and start watching the amazing performance of the talented girl from Italy.

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