An 8-year-old boy ended up on the street with his family, but he had a business idea and bought an apartment eight months later.

The family of an eight-year-old boy almost ended up on the street because of the crisis and debts. The adults could not find a way out of the situation, but the boy turned out to be more clever.
He started his own business and eight months later bought an apartment.

Berenice Pacheco and her three children could not pay their expensive rent on time in Los Angeles. Because of the current world situation, the woman simply lost her job. Berenice had to move to a barn, where basic living conditions were lacking.

One day in a playful conversation with her eight-year-old son Aaron, the woman suggested that he start his own business and learn to buy his own toys. Berenice quickly forgot about the conversation, but the boy thought seriously about it.

In the evening the boy decided to resell the plants. He took the $12 he had saved and bought eight succulents at a nearby market. He managed to resell them for only $16 — a small profit, but…

The boy’s income grew every day as many adults gave him generous tips. Aaron started his own promotional Instagram page. His story was quickly picked up by the media, further increasing his reach.

Then a group of concerned citizens held an auction for Aaron’s family on GoFundMe.

Eight months have passed since the business began, and thanks to the auction, the boy has earned up to $40,000.

This money was enough for the family to buy their own tiny apartment on the outskirts of the city. And at the same time, business continues to grow as more and more people learn the story of the enterprising boy.

Aaron won’t stop there. He plans to buy a better home for his family next year.

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