«An incredible kid.» A model from Nigeria and a blonde from Yakutia showed their son

«Took my son home today and saw him for the first time. We have an incredible baby boy!»

Many people know about this unconventional couple. On social media, they are known as «chocolate-covered marshmallows. She is an incredibly beautiful black girl, and he is a blond man with blue eyes.

In 2018, Dmitry and Ruth got married. The couple recently had a son, whose name they have not yet revealed.

«The first night in the maternity hospital with the baby was fabulous. I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t even turn away from my son, I just stared at him all night long. I’m obsessed with him, he’s such a clever boy,» Ruth enthused.

Friends and family also visited the mother and child. They celebrated the arrival of the baby with champagne. Then came the long-awaited discharge.

On Mother’s Day, Ruth posted a cute photo of herself and her son on her social media accounts. Her followers’ reactions followed almost instantly:

«The baby is all white, but what about mom’s skin tone?»

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