An ‘ugly’ kitten has inspired people to do good

A little kitten called Romeo was born not as cute as the other kittens because of a birth defect. The owner wanted to abandon him and no one in the know would take the «ugly» kitten in.

What a good thing it was to have the help of people with a heart.

Laura, co-founder of an animal shelter in Valencia, Spain, heard about the abandoned kitten and saw his inner beauty and took him in.

«We rescue farm animals from slaughter and recently our co-founder Laura saw an ad in the paper for Romeo the kitten. He was ‘ugly’ so no one wanted him, but she took him in, otherwise he would have stayed on the streets,» the shelter staff said.

The woman could not remain indifferent to the poor cat. Laura believes that no creature, human or animal, should suffer because they do not meet someone else’s standards of beauty.

«We caught Romeo on our way back from saving a pig from slaughter. Who else would help a kitten that everyone had given up on? We want everyone to understand that making an animal happy is something we can all do. Pretty or not, they all have the same feelings, so we shouldn’t get hung up on how they look,» says the sanctuary.

It’s all so touching that many people couldn’t stay away. Internet users were inspired by the story of the «ugly» kitten and wanted to not only pay for food and toys for him, but also help other shelter animals. And that’s great!

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